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Project: River District NeighborWoods Program

The Sacramento Tree Foundation will lead a community based urban forestry campaign to improve the public health of the neighborhood. Tree species selected are climate adapted, and tree plantings will occur as community events. Tree care and tree monitoring will be done by the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps, and there will be tree care events for the residents to participate in and guide.

More than 800 trees will be planted as a part of this project, both inside the Mirasol Village residential the area.  Tree planting projects, sites, and planting plans will be established through a collaborative design process including Sacramento Tree Foundation, the property owner, and community input. Sacramento Tree Foundation will conduct community tree care events, inside the Mirasol Village complex and outside the Mirasol Village complex. These events will be hands-on educational workshops on tree pruning, mulching, and watering. 

Climate-adapted trees will be planted throughout the River District, providing additional greenspaces for the residents.

  • More than 800 trees

  • Community tree planting days

  • Tree care education and watering

  • Training and hiring for youth

Tree Planting
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